A team  of experienced software engineers, computer scientists and computer programmers  who are keen at developing high quality enterprise applications. We are located in Uganda, a fast growing developing country in Africa. In the regional context, we have solid contacts in East Africa in countries such as Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan where we have supplied some of industrial grade software solutions. Our choice to locate our selves in Uganda is informed by the high emphasis by the government of Uganda on Information communication technology as key enabler for sustainable development. Also Uganda is home to Makerere University, the top university in the sub sahara Africa which gives us access to high quality computer graduates.

We develop both enterprise solution, internet based applications as well as mobile based applications. The team comprises of an array of refined skills carefully assorted to be complementary and divisible into small self-contained units. Our members aid each other like good comrades to the best of their skills during Software Development to satisfy the clients as needed.

Decimalworks team comprises of computer software development professionals who have garnered broad depth of international and domestic business Information Technology industry experience including the countries of India, Netherlands and East Africa. The team is built by software professionals for software professionals to provide an environment where exceptional solutions can be delivered in time for our customers.

The developers have massive training and experience in different programming languages and tools. Our team is carefully chosen such that the same quality of software is delivered regardless of who works on your projects. We provide leadership in software development and programming. Our team has un-paralleled experience in Uganda, East Africa and beyond.

The team is specifically crafted to ensure that programmers and software designers compliment each other. The developers cover all skills ranging from problem identification, requirements gathering, requirements specification, software design, architecture evaluation, programming and coding, implementation, testing, and deployment.