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Some partners we have worked with that embrace beauty, simplicity, straight to the point, mirror of the business

The Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB) is the Technical arm of the Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC) that deals with medical issues. UCMB coordinates Catholic health units in Uganda, assists in personnel training and the evaluation of facilities, and represents and advocates for Roman Catholic health care services nationally and internationally. UCMB is one of the key players in the Ugandan heath sector. At the moment UCMB counts 32 hospitals (2 of them are specialised service providers) with 12 training schools, 2 laboratory training school and 252 Lower Lever Units (LLU), with over 8,225 health workers. The UCMB health service infrastructure constitutes a sizeable component (about 40%) of the public health system in Uganda.

UCMB needed to help the health facilities operate efficiently, improve patient satisfaction and monitor the different facilities in order to provide data driven information support. Decimalworks team set out to develop a system that easy to manage, easy to use, resilient, compliant with medical and government standards. The health facilities under the UCMB network differ in size, capabilities, resources, location and are autonomous. Each facility is managed independently to best suit local needs and foster innovation by facility managers. For instance rural based facilities use different billing structures and offer community based medical services.

The operating environment of the hospitals is independent and a reflection of the communities where they serve. So each hospital has its own peculiar requirements, internal dynamics that all had to be put considered during requirements gathering, design, implementation, training and support. The system had to be beautiful in design, outlook and performance.

The variability of the skill levels had to be smoothed through our design to ensure that minimal training would yield optimal results. System administration and need for regular support were minimised through our robust and minimal design.

Because the system we provided manages patient bio-data, insurance records, as well as critical medical information our design has to be a mirror of the Patient Records Management. The system was consciously designed to ensure that cashiers, clinical officers, nurses, hospital managers and patients are unison with what the system was doing at any point.

The roll-out of the system is now standardized and new health facilities are easily added to the network. The system fondly known as helecare2x is now deployed in over 10 districts in Uganda and continues to thrill medical personnel and hospital administrators.

Jenard Ntacyo - IT Manager ,Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau(

This is just to say thank you for the upgrade. It is wow (wonderful) the users have appreciated it, and it eliminates most of the errors. Even in the unlikely event of system challenges, decimalworks is prompt at their response.

Uganda Prisons Service (UPS) is government department that is charged with safe custody and rehabilitation of prisoners. UPS has over 230 prison stations in Uganda that vary in size, security requirements, staffing other details. UPS has a daily average of over 40,000 inmates held in all prisons across the country. In a year, over 150,000 inmates go through the prisons system.

UPS needed a system that can ensure efficient collection, secure storage, analysis and management of all data relating to inmates to support decision-making and planning.

We set out to ensure beauty, robustness and simplicity while ensuring the system is straight to the point. At decimalworks LTD we know that complex structures can be build from simple patterns. UPS is a security agency and data security is the most important software quality requirements. Intermittent internet, complex interactions, remote stations are some of the issues that needed to be tamed by our design.

The calculation of prisoners Earliest Possible Date (EPD), Longest Possible Date (LPD), Time at Large (TAL), concurrent sentences, consecutive sentences, overlapping sentences all follow very specific form of algebra. We need to ensure that user never get in disrepute with what the system was doing at any point in time. Indeed the final design is a faster, consistent, systematic and coordinated mirror of the management of prisoners.

The command and control structure is silently embedded in the design and implementation of the system. UPS is part of a larger Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS), the design needed to accommodate integration with current and prospective systems. Straight forward interfaces designed for the current and foreseeable future needs had to be specified.

Just-in-time decision making tactfully integrated into the design without compromising the system conceptual integration. We needed to guarantee unique identification to reduce recidivism. Suitable hardware for the operating environment, skill and appropriate robustness needed a concise decision. Keeping an innocent man for extra days in custody is as a bad as releasing a potentially dangerously man into public and so accuracy was a core need. Advanced techniques beautifully blended into the design ensured our system remain intact without coming off as a heap of computer tools.

Despite the complexity of the tasks at hand, the system is for humans and users are not experts in IT . Simplicity and beauty of use are evident in the final design.


Eli Muhumiza - Director, Uganda Prisons Services(
Our Software Requirement Specification work with Decimalworks was professionally executed and very useful. You know your tasks and bring valuable experience that we will be able to leverage for our quest to automate all our activities at Uganda Prisons Service.

Hillcrestbrokers, is private company the provides insurance brokerage in Uganda. The insurance market comprises of over 10 players and is highly competitive. Hillcrestbrokers needed to improve their internal operations as a wells as thee external image.

We set out to ensure faster, clear, efficient and robust mirror of the internal and external image. We applied a collection of cutting edge technologies to build a clear and unique platform that supports their activities and image.

Peter Ngobi - Managing Director, HillcrestBrokers Ltd( is an innovative and professional company that has provided Hillcrestbrokers with valuable software development services. We are very happy with our decision to use Decimalworks, as their expertise has translated into a distinct competitive advantage for us. Overall, Dr. Kanagwa and his team is a great company to work with.