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Practice Mathematics, Build Confidence


Boldungu helps learners practice mathematics by providing a collection of questions, answers and explanation of concepts and methods.

As a person interested in improving mathematics scores for any grade, the questions are grouped into quiz sets based on the topics selected. The content is specific to the national curriculum of the selected countries. Unlike traditional text books, learners choose and have as many questions as possible for practice.

Boldungu works as follows:

Quiz Sets

Random fresh questions in groups of 10 makeup a quiz and this provides a short but challenging practice session. Questions come as multi-choice, drag and drop, and free text. They include beautiful graphics.

Linked Answers and Review

Each Question attempted is a chance to revise the answers and alternative methods. Each answer is linked to learning areas where further reading or practice questions can be selected. Lots of new question answering techniques are waiting for you.

Performance Board

Performance board is a simple score card that shows the questions attempted and improvement trends. A five-star rating gives a quick graphical view to allow you choose where to focus.


Earn badges, certificates and virtual gifts when you excel in particular topics, subtopics or question formats.

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