Software must be developed following a well defined process by passionate engineers.  There are many self styled software developers  and that explains the massive failures of many software products.

Decimalworks prides her self as a leading team of software developers in Uganda and Africa in general. The team  is build on regular research and development to keep in touch with the latest tools and technologies. At decimalworks, we conduct performance testing, stress testing  to ensure the software is suitable for purpose.

The teams expertise spans generations of software languages and platforms. The team has developed products that require low level programming, high level languages and a variety of platforms. Our development process is a combination of agile software development and traditions water fall models.

If your need a mobile application, desktop, enterprise or standard web application, there is a abundance of skill at Decimalworks ltd.

We follow the SDLC

  • Requirements Specification
  • Software Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Support

Requirements Specification

We work closely with you/customer during

software development

to ensure we capture exactly

  • What you want
  • How you want it
  • Our clients take part during software development process

Software Design

We model the best designs for your software because design requires

  • It requires an experienced architect
  • It requires an architect with good artistic taste
  • To ensure quality output during software development
  • We provide open source softwares to help clients cut costs incurred during
  • Just find your exact software that fits your business at Decimalapps and download for free

  • We quickly develop your software
  • Software development is our Profession not our Career


  • We thoroughly test your software
  • After software development, we do software testing with our clients


After software development, We proceed to deploy the software for you

  • Along with onsite training


We offer you the quality of service worth your money
Our Software development team have skills to contain the required quality

  • This ensures your software is bug free